Call for Papers! MLA 2025

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Call for Papers (1). MLA 2025. Guaranteed Session

Reframing the Canary Islands within the Humanities

How do contemporary discourses from the Canary Islands defy hegemonic paradigms within the Humanities? How has the Archipelago been articulated through African, Iberian, Atlantic, Caribbean and Diasporic Studies?

Deadline for submissions: Monday, 15 March 2024


Nayra Ramírez

María Hernández-Ojeda

Call for Papers (2). MLA 2025.

Canary Islands Studies: Exploring an (in)visible field in the classroom.

Is the academic study of the cultural and literary production from the Canary Islands (in)visible outside the Archipelago? This panel welcomes proposals focused on the pedagogical possibilities that this area of study might offer.

Submission deadline: 2024-03-15


Nayra Ramirez, Uiversity of Pittsburgh,

María Hernández-Ojeda, Hunter College-CUNY,